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Here at KDE MANAGEMENT, we are dedicated to you and all your needs to become a semi- or professional race car driver.

We focus on bridging opportunities to the most suitable race series and cars, that will fit your specific goals and dreams, wherever it may be across the Globe, KDEM has the solution and connections to make it happen.


KDEM has designed a program that offers you the best integration training to different teams and infrastructures. Whether you are a junior driver in Go-Karts; or as a more mature and seasoned driver, you may be looking for opportunities that your current situation just doesn't offer. Our job is to make sure that we find the best possible path in order for you to reach your goals, and to do that in the most efficient way, both when it comes to the best Teams, Team mates, Equipment, Series', and perhaps most importantly , to find a financial solution that will match the performance plan to reach your overall goal.

Mental and physical preparation, psychological skills, body nutrition, eating habits, sleeping patterns as well as basic car set up and technical knowledge are some of the basic skills we feel very important.. The financial aspect of Motor racing is another very important component, since  it can be very costly, especially if you don't make the right choices early on in the career.

It's extremely important to make sure that young drivers get the right basic training and foundation, in a car and series that will offer the most fundamental things such lots of seat time, good data and video analysis , racecraft in momentum cars etc, to really learn about handling and to carry the speed through the corners. 

KDEM are also very fortunate to have some of the best driver coaches to offer, If that's an additional component you feel that you need, to bring yourself and your driving to the next level, our coaches are equipped with a wealth of International experience in both Formula cars and Sports cars. All of our driver coaches have a winning record second to none, both as active drivers and coaches.


KDEM has been formed by Nic Jonsson, a professional racing car driver for over 25 years, The reason for founding KDEM is that I've seen and experienced first hand; how difficult it is to navigate through the jungle of different classes, Championships and cars and the difficulty of working out which car, series, team or championship will suit your needs, and your development path the best.

Whether you come from Go-Karting or entry level/club racing makes no difference to the difficulty of your next step. It is very hard to know what's the most economical and efficient way to reach your end goal is. From experience, we know that there are lots of options to go racing, in different parts of the world, some more financially viable than others.

Let us at KDEM present you with some very attractive and viable options that you may never have thought possible! Whatever your goals or dreams are, you can make this a reality by working with KDEM. Daytona 24 hours, Sebring 12 Hours, Le Mans 24 hours, Indy 500, Daytona 500, Monaco Grand prix. Yes it's all achievable with the right plan, strategy and team around you.