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When we have the Knowledge and been able to dedicate enough time, to go after our Goal, Its time for EXECUTION, 


Is something we all need to have, before we make a decision, how we going to be able to reach our dreams and goals.

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KDE Management started due to a void in the market. We strive to offer guidance and support to up and coming drivers graduating from Karting and Club racing, all of the way through to Pro racing. We focus on building a short, medium and long term plan, from both a performance and financial viewpoint. We tailor a program that will suit your personal abilities and needs whilst taking you to your end GOAL. KDEM has a wide contact network across the globe both with sanctioning bodies and championship winning teams. KDEM has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of different categories, from Karting ,Formula cars, Sports and Touring cars operating at the very highest level.



​The Knowledge, Dedication and Execution plan combined, gives you the foundation where KDEM can help to Manage your goals, and put together the 3-5 year plan that suits your needs to reach your end goal.

We feel it's very important to stand out from the crowd and by working with KDEM, you will benefit from the skills and experience in driver management and professional driving at the highest level of racing across the globe. With our experience we understand your needs as a driver and can prepare you for the next step. The knowledge  and preparation before even getting in the car is something that KDE understands and puts emphasis on. We offer a range of support platforms includingnutritional programs, physical conditioning, mental training, basic car and engineering skills.


When we have enough KNOWLEDGE, its time to  apply the DEDICATION it takes to be successful.

We all have dreams! 

Ever since our first laps as a child in a Go Kart, or even as an adult in a racing car, we all want to have the feeling of being a professional driver and hope to be standing on top of the podium one day. It has become more and more competitive every year in every series, so for us at KDEM it has become very obvious that it is vital to broaden your view and think outside the Box. By doing that, you will be different and more attractive on the driver market. YOU WILL STAND OUT.